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The Best Ways to Use Up Pulp After Juicing

If you juice often then you will know there is a fair amount of juice pulp leftover, but thinking of new ideas of what to do with it can be tricky. You can do quite a few recipes with juice pulp as the fibrous waste is still packed with nutrients. In this blog post we [...]

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5 Juicer Accessories You Need to Know About

In this technology packed era, there is an appliance for everything and every appliance is designed to perform multiple useful functions. Therefore, to keep with the trend, juicer manufacturers have also begun to improve juicer designs allowing many models to be capable of fantastic versatility. As a result, there are many accessories available to make [...]

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Choosing Between Different Twin Gear Juicers

Which One Is Right for Me? Selecting a Twin Gear Juicer is no easy task, and they are a multitude of great options on the market currently. Each model is unique though, and in many cases, they are all so different it’s tough to pinpoint the perfect model for your needs. So, to help you along, we’re going to break [...]

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5 Amazing Ingredients to Add Flavour to Your Juice

Juices and smoothies can taste very similar after a while if you're not adding new ingredients. If you don’t fancy trying new vegetables and fruits, why not try supplement powders and roots. This is going to give your drink a little twist which will make it a bit more interesting than your average smoothie or [...]

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​Tasty and Nutritious Kale Based Smoothie Recipes

Tasty Kale SmoothiesKale can be one of those veggies that has a strong flavour and most people dislike the taste. When you incorporate kale into a smoothie the flavour is masked by all the sweet fruit you add. However, we think the best kale smoothies use flavours that all work together. Below we have a [...]

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​The Best Juicers for First Time Buyers

Picking out a juicer is often a lot of fun, but with so many to choose from, selecting the best option for your needs isn’t always easy. So, here are our top juicer recommendations for upcoming juicing enthusiasts looking to get started without breaking bank.Hurom HV Vertical Juicer The Hurom HV is currently our cheapest available [...]

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Supposedly Healthy Foods you Should be Avoiding

Supposedly Healthy Foods you Should be Avoiding Leading a healthy lifestyle is a growing trend in many households, but you may be surprised to know that some supposedly 'Healthy' foods aren't as good for you as you first thought. Low Fat Yoghurt When you remove the fat from a yoghurt it will become very bland and manufacturers will [...]

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How to Start Juicing When You're on a Budget

Juicing on Budget Juicing can be expensive, but if you buy smart and follow our tips, you’ll actually find it's fairly affordable. Juicing is a great snack alternative which can help with weight loss and can give you a great energy boost throughout the day.Farmers Markets Go and support your local farmers market as they have [...]

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​Top 4 Mistakes People Make When Juicing

Top 4 Mistakes People Make When Juicing Do you think of yourself as the epitome of perfection when it comes to juicing technique? Many people do, yet the reality for some can be quite different. So, what are the four most common mistakes made during juicing? Using the Wrong Ingredients Now, that heading is probably going to cause [...]

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​Tips & Tricks: How to Prepare your Ingredients Optimally

Getting the best yields possible from ingredients is something that we all expect from our juicers nowadays. However, the responsibility of producing these yields doesn’t fall onto juicers alone. In order to aid the process, try these tricks to ensure you get the best value from your ingredients. Pick the Right Ingredients The first stage of being [...]

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