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5 Fruits & Vegetables that will Help Your Cholesterol

What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a type of fat produced by the liver, which is vital for our bodies to function. Yes, a little bit of fat is needed but if your cholesterol gets too high, you can have a scary health problem your hands! Having a lot of Cholesterol will cause plaque to build [...]

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​Hurom’s Climb to the Top of the Juicer World

Hurom's Climb to the Top Hurom have been producing juicers for many years now, and they are known as one of the best manufacturers in the world. However, despite this, many people aren’t aware of their story, and how much they have shaped the juicing world for the better.The Invention of Vertical Juicers Hurom first began back [...]

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Carrying out a Juice Fast the Right Way

Carrying out a Juice Fast the Right Way Juice fasting is an excellent way to improve your bodily health through fast and efficient weight loss, alongside a full body detox. However, it is easy to rush into a juice fast without proper preparation, and as a result, improvements can become diminished. Therefore, it is crucial to [...]

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How to Start Juicing with Children

Getting kids to eat healthily is somewhat a challenge and as parents, we can often feel guilty for not giving our children the right food. Introducing your kids to juicing is probably the easiest way to get them eating the right fruits and vegetables without them noticing, as blending can sometimes be difficult for children [...]

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​3 Delicious Christmas Juice Recipes

It’s Christmastime, and there’s no need to be afraid of making some festive juices at this merry time of year. Come and see our favourite 3 Christmas juice recipes to help you find your spirit this Christmas without giving up a healthy lifestyle!Mint BlastFresh mint is a great way to add an inviting flavour to [...]

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Using Your Blender at Christmas

Using Your Blender at ChristmasChristmastime has rolled around again, and we’ve been getting festive with our blenders to produce a few Christmas themed recipes. Bring merriment and joy to your friends and families with these simple and tasty meals and drinks.Mulled Spiced CiderTo battle the cold of the winter a warm drink is always best, [...]

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What's the Difference Between Blending and Juicing?

Over the past couple of years juicing and blending have become increasingly popular in supermarkets and in some cities, you can find juicing/smoothie bars. Juicing and blending is a great way to get your 5 a day, in just one drink but a smoothie will give you different benefits to a juice. So, lets clear [...]

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​The Addition of the Self-Feeding Juicer

The Hurom H-AI has officially launched in the UK, and as the first ever self-feeding juicer, it has gathered a lot of interest. It’s obvious to see why, as the H-AI represents something very new and exciting. Therefore, juicing experts and first-time juicers alike have been intrigued by what it can provide.How it Works A self-feeding [...]

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​Tips & Tricks: The Best Way to Clean a Juicer

Cleaning a juicer is a relatively simple job, yet so many people are put off by the prospect of it. That doesn’t need to be the case though, and luckily there are a few tricks out there to make the process easier. These tips won’t all work for every style of juicer though, and unfortunately, [...]

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Why Angel Juicers Can’t be Bested

Angel juicers have developed a bit of a reputation for being the best there is. In many ways, this is quite understandable when you look at them from a technical perspective. They have unbeatable build quality, a very reliable and consistent twin gear design and a few other neat tricks depending on the model. So, [...]

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