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Hurom H400 Self-Feeding Slow Juicer in Black

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Hurom H400 Easy Clean Slow Juicer is the newest Juicer in Hurom’s H range, being the most recent means the Hurom H400 comes with new and optimised features that improve the overall quality of juice and user experience. It has an enhanced auger design that maximizes yield while reducing pulp output as well as a scrub-free cleaning experience. In addition, it has Hurom’s renowned self-feeding feature to make juicing as easy and hassle-free as possible. 


Key Features 

  • Self-feeding hopper

  • Scrub-free design

  • Large capacity hopper and chamber

  • Quiet operation 

  • Gauge window 

  • Auger-based juicing mechanism 

  • Optimised 150-watt motor

Juicer Overview

Self-Feeding Hopper

The self-feeding hopper allows you to feed the juicer with minimal effort. This is because the hopper does all of the manual work of cutting and preparing the produce to the perfect size ready to be juiced using an internal cutting blade located at the bottom of the hopper.  This allows you to turn whole fruits and vegetables into a glass of refreshing, smooth juice with very little preparation. 

The size of the hopper has also been improved from the previous self-feeding models, allowing for more fruits and vegetables to be loaded inside the hopper. This in turn will give a higher volume of juice per juicing session making it easier than ever before to drink fresh juice.

Scrub-Free Design 

The Hurom H400 has an easy clean chamber with a two-part augur which also performs as a strainer to give fine juice.  These two parts can easily be disassembled and rinsed under tap water making the cleaning process scrub-free.  The juicing bowl has also been re-designed so that every part of it can be cleaned easily and quickly ensuring that your bowl is clean after every use.

Innovative Juicing Bowl Design

The Juicing Bowl has been designed so that it fits perfectly inside the body of the juicer making the design compact and very contemporary.  The bowl also comes with a gauge window so that you can see precisely how much juice is being produced as well as the rich colours of your fresh juice.

Auger-Based Juicing Mechanism 

Instead of the traditional screen-based juicing mechanism that many slow juicers use, in recent years Hurom has designed an auger-based juicing mechanism.  This has massively improved cleaning times thereby enhancing the user experience without compromising yield and juice texture.  However, the Hurom H400 has been designed to give the ultimate precision in juice texture across a variety of ingredients. This is due to the slits in the auger having been designed to be even smaller, allowing for much less pulp in the juice.  The two-part augur is made of durable, BPA-free plastics that allow it to withstand juicing of various ingredients from fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. 

Contemporary and Slick Design

The Hurom H400 has been designed to give the most contemporary appearance keeping the look minimalist and compact so that all of the complicated juicing processes is hidden. But you can still see your juice being produced and the colour of the juice from the gauge window.  This gives the juicer a new gadget look rather than the traditional juicer appearance like with most juicers.

Product FAQ

Can The Hurom H400 Juice Celery?

Yes, The Hurom H400 can juice celery. To maximise yield and juicer longevity, it is best to mix in harder ingredients like apples or carrots to help push the celery through the mechanism.

Is the Hurom H400 better than the Nama J2?

In our testing, the Hurom H400 is better than the Nama J2, it offers a superior juicing experience thanks to its easy clean dual-auger as well as better overall yield. You can read our dedicated blog post here.

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Can the Hurom H400 make sorbets?

The Hurom H400 can make sorbets, simply close the juice output and put your frozen fruits into the juice and juice. The sorbet will be dispensed into the pulp collector.

Why pick the Hurom H400?

The Hurom H400 is a self-feeding, strikingly modern juicer, with sleek lines and premium finishes that seamlessly integrate into any kitchen space. Equipped with a powerful motor and advanced slow-squeezing technology, this juicer effortlessly extracts juice from various fruits and vegetables at a low speed to minimise heat buildup and oxidation to preserve maximum nutrients and flavour and features an easy-clean "Scrub-Free" design.

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


10 years motor 5 years functional parts
6.7 KG


22.0 cm
47.0 cm
18.5 cm

Box Contents

1 x Auger (Upper) 1 x Auger (Lower) 1 x Chamber 1 x Hopper 1 x Pusher 1 x Juice Container 1 x Pulp Container 1 x Power Cord 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Manual and Recipe Book
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Huron H400

    Wonderful, does exactly what it promises. The video before purchase was accurate and it is simple to use and clean. Very quiet and produces great juices also copes well with green leaves. Much better than my previous Champion juicer. I am so pleased with it I have been recommending it to family and friends.

    Posted by Fiona on 26th Mar 2024
  • 5
    Awesome! Hurom H400

    This is my 4th juicer and my favorite! I did have a Kurvings but it was so difficult to clean and put back together it put me off wanting to make juices. The Hurom H400 however makes fabulous juices, and is so easy to clean and take apart and reassemble. I almost bought the Nama J2 but once I realized Hurom make Nama and this has great warranty and no scrubbing, it was the only choice. Juicers Uk did a very helpful video on comparing the 2 models. I highly recommend this juicer, it's brilliant! I love it!

    Posted by Natalia on 23rd Feb 2024
  • 5
    Don’t even bother with another juicer

    I have been juicing for years and using the Hurom is a pleasure. So easy to set up, use and clean. Quiet. Big juice yield without bits. Even looks sleek on the side. So worth the money- I know it’s a big expense BUT once you’ve used it you will understand why it has a higher price tag- it’s BETTER in every way !! 10/10

    Posted by G on 8th Feb 2024
  • 5
    Hurom H400

    I normally don't write reviews but i know from my own research their is not many reviews on this Juicer, so i thought i would throw my hat in the ring. I asked a friend who has had a couple of juicers and he recommended me the Nama as i the dogs nads juicer. But i did have a juicer about 10 years or so that had the mesh sieve strainer that the Nama has which i did not want again. My main desire was a easy fast clean juicer which this is, as i did not want to spend more time cleaning it than actually using it. I think this juicer is the dogs nads as i don't have any doubts about using it because I've have to spend 10 minutes cleaning it afterwards, which stops me from doing a juice. Have been using it everyday since i bought it. The juice to drink that comes out is fantastic and have list of recipes i want to try out now. Its expensive yes but its worth it quality does not come cheaply. So just buy one you will not regret it.

    Posted by Dave on 7th Dec 2023
  • 5
    Hurom H400

    This juicer is a real game changer. The quality of juice is excellent and it’s so easy to clean. I considered the Nama but so pleased I opted for this juicer and was very grateful for the advise I was given by It looks very stylish and I have used it everyday since I purchased it. Made amazing banana ice cream in it yesterday toon which was delicious. I have had Sage and Hurom in the past but this juicer surpassed them both - love it and highly recommend.

    Posted by Sandra on 7th Aug 2023