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Green Star Elite GSE-5050 Twin Gear Slow Juicer in Chrome

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Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


The Green Star Elite is a highly capable twin-gear slow juicer that has a tremendous reputation based on its performance and reliability. As a result, it has broad popularity and thanks to its 3 stage juicing mechanism, it keeps to the guidance of the Gerson therapy to maximise nutrient extraction.

Juicer Features

  • Juicing speed of 110 rotations per minute
  • Twin gear juicing mechanism
  • Upgraded jumbo gear design
  • 3-stage juice extraction process
  • Adjustable pulp pressure control knob
  • Upgraded latch locking arms
  • Included coarse screen, breadstick screen & homogenising screen
  • BPA-free juicing components
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Power-efficient 200-watt motor

Juicer Review

Twin Gear Slow Juicing

To achieve its great juicing reputation, the Green Star Elite makes use of a twin-gear mechanism to great effect. This style of mechanism is widely regarded as the best when it comes to overall yields, and it is able to put ingredients under incredible pressure to enable maximum nutrient extraction.

This process is further optimised thanks to the jumbo gears found in the GSE. These gears are far longer than the gears seen in older Green Star models, which allows them to perform a 3 stage process for optimal results. These stages are as follows:

  1. Cutting & Crushing - This allows for ingredients the be pressed thoroughly and evenly throughout.
  2. Mixing - The process of mixing juice and pulp is generally regarded to increase nutrient extraction.
  3. Pressing - The juice and pulp are separated at high pressure, leaving the pulp as dry as possible for high yields.

In combination, these stages allow the Green Star to extract some of the highest juice yields possible and it specialises at working with fibrous ingredients, such as leafy greens, celery and ginger.

Pressure Adjustment Function

Alongside the standard twin gear juicing mechanism, the Green Star Elite also makes use of a pulp control knob. This spring-loaded knob can be manually adjusted to different levels and allows for more or less pressure to be applied to ingredients as they are juiced.

Higher pressure works best when juicing low-yield ingredients such as leafy greens or celery, as it ensures deep juice extraction. Then, when working with juice-rich ingredients such as apples or oranges, a lower pressure level helps to avoid a pulp backlog while still facilitating high extraction levels.

Versatile Accessories

On top of its juice-oriented advantages, the GSE also offers a very large selection of accessories in the box. These range from more typical options such as a cleaning brush or a drip tray to some nicer items such as a glass juice collection jug and a wooden pusher.

However, beyond the basic parts, it also comes with 3 different types of screen, which allow it to perform roles beyond just juicing. The coarse screen allows it to output smoothies, the breadstick screen allows it to mix and process doughs, and the homogenising screen allows it to make nut butter or breadcrumbs.


High-Quality Materials

To ensure its lasting durability, Tribest has made the Green Star Elite from a range of high-quality materials. Starting with the gears, these are primarily made of stainless steel, ensuring they can handle the high pressures required to effectively extract high yields.

Then, the remaining juicing components are made of a range of durable and sturdy BPA-free plastics. This gives them a bit of flexibility to prevent cracking, while also importantly ensuring that no chemicals can leach from them into the juice.

Durable Design

In keeping with its use of high-quality materials, the Green Star Elite has a very practical design with a heavy focus on being sturdy and damage resistant. It also features some useful elements such as a carrying handle and a safety switch to prevent accidental activation.

Juicer Comparison

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


Green Star
110 RPM
200 W
5 Years
10.9 KGS


17.5 cm
31.8 cm
46.4 cm

Box Contents

1 x Juicer Motor Base 1 x Twin Gear Housing 1 x Twin Gear Set 1 x Fine Juicing Screen 1 x Pulp Outlet Casing 1 x Safety Cover 1 x Juicing Knob 1 x Coarse Juicing Screen 1 x Homogenising Screen 1 x Breadstick Screen 1 x Breadstick Knob 1 x Glass Juice Collection Jug 1 x Wooden Pusher 1 x Plastic Pusher 1 x Juice Sieve 1 x Cleaning Brush 1 x Drip Tray 1 x Hopper Cover
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?
Is this the right juicer for you?

Product Reviews

  • 4
    About the juicer

    This juicer is incredibly machine 90% to 100% nutrition weald im 100% satfied with this product

    Posted by Thomas Fixter on 22nd Jun 2021
  • 5
    Great Twin Gear Juicer

    I was soo indecisive about which juicer to go for so I called and they were ever so helpful. They took the time to explain to me about the different juicers and then recommended the most suitable one for me depending on my needs and what I intend on juicing on a regular basis. I finally decided to go for this juicer and spend the extra for the chrome finish. I have to say, the chrome finish does make the juicer look very slick and its performance is simply superb. I love the juicer and use it everyday without fail. The quality of juice is just amazing. I could never imagine drinking a bag of kale juice but this juicer has got me on the leafy greens. It is expensive but definitely worth it.

    Posted by James W on 15th Sep 2016