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Green Star Gold GP-E1503 Twin Gear Slow Juicer in White

Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK
Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


For those looking to harness the power of juicing to overcome health issues, or juicing devotees who are serious about the benefits of fruit and vegetables, the GreenStar Gold Twin Gear Juicer GP-E1503 is the leading market model. A replacement for the popular GreenStar flagship model, the Green Life, this new design offers extra accessories not previously available including a rice cake and pasta maker kit. Superb at processing leafy greens, the GreenStar Gold Twin Gear Juicer GP-E1503 is perfect for anyone who wants to juice high volumes of greens and also process foods, offering the capability to make noodles, rice cakes, pasta sorbets, nut butters and many other recipes too. is proud to be an official retailer in the UK for Tribest and Green Star.


Key features of the award-winning juicer, the Green Star Gold

  • Impeller press using dual gear heavy duty technology but offering low speed and quiet operation. This means minimal heat, friction and noise and protection for the more facile nutrients
  • Super-strong dual gear technology results in excellent juice yield and improved nutritional value
  • Continuous juicing with automatic ejection of pulp and easy clean up
  • Efficient juicing of hard fruits, wheatgrass and vegetables
  • Foods can be homogenised to create nut butters, baby foods, sorbets and more
  • Create breadsticks, rice cakes and pasta
  • Parts and labour warranty 5 years

Product video for the Green Star Gold Juicer GP-E1503

Technology of the Green Star Gold

The dual gears of the GreenStar Gold crush the fruit and vegetables and extract the maximum amount of juice. Made from stainless steel, the twin gears hold bio-ceramic materials and magnets which help to draw out greater levels of minerals and imbue the juice with a longer shelf life.

Operating at extremely low speeds of 110RPM, the dual gears generate minimal heat transfer which helps to protect the enzyme content in the juice. This innovative technology means that carrot juice can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days without significantly reducing in nutritional value.


Parts included in the Greenstar Gold


  • Screen - soft fruit
  • Screen - vegetables
  • Screen - homogenising
  • Pusher - plastic
  • Pusher - wooden
  • Brush
  • Glass jug
  • Drip tray
  • Adjuster for soft fruit
  • Adjuster for vegetables
  • Strainer
  • Breadstick kit (not included as standard with the GS 2000)
  • Pasta kit (not included as standard with the GS 2000

Technical Specifications

  • Convenient carrying handle for easy portability
  • Inbuilt cord storage
  • 483mm x 223mm x 305mm
  • Turning speed 110 RPM
  • Motor 190W
  • Warranty - 5 years
  • 30.5 lbs shipping weight
  • White colour
  • Manufacturer: Tribest Corporation

List of Awards won by Green Star

  • The Canadian Health Food Association’s 2007 Trade Show - Gold Award of Excellence for the equipment category
  • Equipment ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards - Gold Award of Excellence, October 2005
  • Awards - Best Health Benefits Juicer 2004
  • Equipment ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards - Gold Award of Excellence September 2004
  • German Consumer Reports (Germany) - 1st place Stiftung Warentest, June 2003
  • Equipment ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards - Silver Award of Excellence, September 2002
  • ALIVE Academy of Nutrition Awards - Best Product Equipment and General Health, September 1996
  • New Products Exhibition Germany, Gold Prize October 1994
  • International New Technology Exhibition LA, US - Silver Prize September 1994
  • World Invention Contest Pittsburgh, US - Grand Prize, May 1994
  • World Invention Contest Pittsburgh, US - Grand Prize, May 1993


Free Next Working Day Delivery to the UK


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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Bulky but great performing Juicer

    This is a big juicer and it doesn't have the best appearance. However, if you can look passed that, then it will truly serve its purpose and produce very nutritious and sweet tasting juice. I am not bothered about the look of the juicer as long as it can do the job which is what I have paid for.

    Posted by Roxanne on 22nd Sep 2016